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Tough times call for innovations. Well, in a time when almost every industry is being disrupted at a large scale, the world is witnessing some welcoming strategic implementations. In the automotive industry specifically, stakeholders are deploying never heard before innovative ideas to steer the business out of these critical times and ensure the much needed ‘business continuity.’

Dealerships play the most important role in the automotive retail ecosystem since being the first ‘interaction point’ for the customers and serve as the face of any automotive brand. On the other hand Independent Garages plays an important role in Maintenance and Repair segment. With the unfortunate scenario of this Pandemic new measure in customer interaction such as Social Distancing is a mandate. The footfall in the dealerships is plummeting and this calls for some rapid damage control measures.

Let’s have a look at the existing set of challenges, their solutions and the impacts these would make on the dealership ecosystem once they are fully operational.



To begin with, the entire automotive landscape is experiencing a technological shift but it is more inclined towards the manufacturing and other operational facets of the industry. Hence, the dealerships amongst other aftermarket sectors face some challenges. For instance, Digital Dealer Reception still seems to be a far-fetched thing except for some of the few revamped dealer management systems. This eventually leads to an incomplete contactless customer journey from booking to car pickups. Along with that, core systems such as dealership management systems, CRM and other legacy systems miss out on crucial data integration practices.


Here’s the solution from AutoFacets – Contactless Check-In

AutoFacets has come up with an innovative solution to overcome the current challenges which is prevailing in the automotive dealership and Service sector. Our ‘Contactless Check-in service” is a state of the art platform that makes sure customer has a complete contactless experience while their vehicle gets serviced. The COVID-19 guidelines are the focal point around which the entire ‘Contactless Dealership Service’ is crafted. Our solutions enable dealerships to ensure the safety and well-being of their customers as well as employees. We have opted for cloud hosting to deliver the ultimate customer experience. The service promises to deliver on all the aspects with easy deployment and rapid integration with the existing infrastructure of Dealer Management Software.

The suite is offered in the form of a lightweight application which does not disrupt the existing IT ecosystem of the dealership. It is a micro services-based solution which is easy to configure & maintain and hence, provides the easy to scale up in the future while also being economical and low on maintenance.


Redefining the customer perception about car service 

Some automotive stakeholders have been pushing the envelope further when it comes to leveraging cutting edge technology to offer the best online dealer management solutions. Contactless Dealership Service is a prominent offering to take care of all your automotive dealership hassles while you ‘maintain the safe distance.’

A Contactless Check-in suite can easily connect with all the  leading DMS, Self-Served Kiosks and CRM applications that are prevailing in the Automotive Aftersales ecosystem.

Business Benefits :

Making the transformation possible

As the salient features of the Contactless Dealership Service depict, the end-customer experience would be elevated once the solutions are deployed. Having a sound strategy in place is indispensable to map the entire digital journey and understand the customer experience and roadmap of the dealer group. It is also essential to identify the gaps for smoothening the process where customer transaction data flows.

AutoFacets is a pioneer when it comes to offering world-class automotive IT solutions for the entire automotive industry. Right from the dealerships to aftermarket experience, we cover it all. Contact us for any query while we ensure that your business remains afloat and doesn’t go off track.




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