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As an automotive enthusiast, you have witnessed the transformation of cars from being a hardware-oriented vehicle to a software-oriented one. The entire lifecycle of any product software, from conceptualization, development, deployment and post implementation support of each stage is crucial to gain customer confidence and long-term relationships. Speed and agility are the secrets for sustainable software product engineering.

However, life isn’t a cakewalk for automotive IT software and automotive consulting providers to develop these solutions at the best of their capabilities with limited resources. They face many challenges while creating these SAAS based solutions for their clients. According to research from Coding Sans State of Software Development 2019 report, 21.29 percent of software development companies agreed that dealing with a backlog with limited capacity while delivering software is the most significant challenge they face. We have captured some of the difficulties signified.


Integration Challenges: Automotive IT software providers are helping companies with seamless integration of their standard legacy system with technology innovations. They face challenges with Data model complexity, configuration, Data volume, and poor data quality.


The One Size Fits All Approach: Making a typical list of issues faced by automotive industry professionals, formulate a standard solution to resolve those issues. Although many automotive software providers try to go by this approach, they do not succeed. The reason is, every company has different manufacturing, inventory management, and billing process. The idea is to create customized software that takes care of the exact requirements of clients.


Lack of Infrastructure Knowledge: The customers working with the automotive software vendors expect them to offer quick, versatile, and scalable solutions that can seamlessly extract information and insights from legacy data sources. It is crucial to find common grounds with developers working on the solutions and create the Center of Excellence team to sort out issues from development to deployment.



Schedule and Cost Overruns: One of the biggest challenges for automotive IT software providers is to deploy customized solutions for their clients within the given timeline. Sometimes, they lose many precious clients due to lack of resources and technical expertise followed by the issue of cost overruns. As several automotive manufacturers start encountering problems with SaaS-based system even before it goes live, resolving those issues sometimes need investments in creating a robust support infrastructure system.


Quality of Service Delivery: The quality of service delivery is the crucial factor for automotive IT solution providers to establish a strong customer base and enhance the reputation of their organization by implementing advance product engineering processes. Not just that, they also need to evolve deliveries with emerging technology innovation.


How Can ISVs Overcome These Challenges?
Digital Transformation in the Automotive Sector is complicated when you need to stay ahead in the competitive market. Automotive IT Software providers need to continually innovate using advanced technology, strike the right partnerships with automotive leaders, and interact with global key industry players. Moreover, Once you have developed the automotive IT solution, you have to make continuous improvement by embracing a dynamic product architecture and the emerging requirement of the market.


AutoFactes: Technology Partner by Choice
We understand the significance of efforts that the independent software vendors put in while formulating the solutions or offerings to their customers for better experiences. Moreover, that is why we work as a co-creation and co-innovation partner with automotive software providers to help them with product engineering expertise by redefining customer experiences in this digital era.


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