Is managing the Fleet a tedious job?

Harshil Shah

Harshil Shah

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“Every day is different, there’s no day that’s the same” this quote perfectly fits for the Fleet Manager as each day there are different challenges, and prioritizing assets – vehicle and human is a tedious task.


What a “typical day” in the life of a Fleet Manager looks like?

The typical day of Fleet Manager starts with checking up mails, schedules, and reports. Then prioritize tasks and communicate the issues or concerns faced with the internal departments.

Keep an eye on the Daily Operations especially the assets – vehicle and human, what are the factors affecting productivity is it due to downtime due to urgent repairs or driver safety or due in fines payment… quite a lot to monitor. Then comes tracking of important things like the performance of individual drivers, Avg. delivery time, Avg. the delivery cost on a daily basis. Managing drivers – approving maintenance requests, approving leave, allocation of replacement, shift allocations, and communicating with suppliers for fuel, spare parts. Create a budget forecast for service and maintenance, planning for the next day.

Prep for the long haul in terms of policy change – calculating CO2 footprint, shifting from Diesel engine to fully electrified fleet – altogether it’s not an ordinary job.


What changes are we seeing in Fleet Management?

The ELD mandate requires swapping paper logs and an earlier type of recorder called an Automatic On-Board Recording Device (AOBRD) with automated ELD technology. These devices are intended to record data related to the operation of the vehicle and driver activity. The driver information mainly concerns hours of service.

Advance telematics like AVIROS providing Root Cause Analysis Report, AZUGA providing Battery Health Check reports, Ctrack providing High-Risk Area Management, Crystal Ball providing photographic evidence for audit trail are some of the telematics providers providing unique services for Fleet Management.

There is another aspect of connecting with suppliers and partners to strengthen the ecosystem and have better transparency, Preventive steps for Driver Protection guiding drivers based on the driving patterns, predictive alerts of critical repairs, and hassle-free maintenance approval process.


How can a typical tedious day be hassle-free?

For a Fleet Manager, it is essential to be able to monitor all these aspects flawlessly. Inspections, fleet maintenance, invoicing and stock management and many more aspects. Digitalisation provides the experience & convenience of a user-friendly tool to increase his/her overview

With an appropriate fleet management system, s/he can increase the control over all your administrative activities. Whether it concerns insurance, contracts, invoicing, damage, refuelling or replacements. Listen to what your assets are telling you. With the AutoFacets fleet management solution, Fleet Managers are in control.

AutoFacets having 23 Years of serving in the Automotive Ecosystem and having unparalleled experience in delivering to end customers with a wide range of solutions specifically designed by considering the rapidly changing needs of fleet managers stated above.

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Harshil Shah

Harshil Shah

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