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What Makes AutoFacets’ Fleet Management System an Ideal Solution for Short Term Rental Companies?

Companies offering mobility solutions to customers have a lot of flexible options when it comes to renting cars. However, when it comes to giving vehicles on rent, several vehicles including cars, trucks, vans etc. are given on rentals for days and even months, making it daunting for fleet owners to have records of what, when, and how of vehicles. This creates a dire need for a fleet management software that or a user-friendly short term rental management system which works based on the requirement of fleet companies.

AutoFacets, a European global leader in automotive solutions has created a short term rental solution for companies providing fleet on rent which keeps track of the entire journey of vehicles right from the day it is rented until the day it is returned. It offers the owners with real-time information about the fleet and occupancy rate and enable them to do their business better. So, what else makes it an ideal fleet management system? Check out some of the points given below:

Easy to Configure

One of the biggest confusions that fleet rental owners have is whether or not a particular software will sync with their current environment. Well, you need to rest assured about that now. AutoFacets is easily configurable with your current software and the automotive software experts of our company ensures that all your data is synced with our platform. Our cloud-based solution brings automation to your core processes and provides you with better ROI in a short period of time.

Other Advantages of AutoFacets Short Term Rental Management System are given below

  • Can be tailor-made according to your needs
  • Is user-friendly, flexible, and has been crafted keeping fleet managers’ requirements in mind
  • Can be integrated with your current telematics software
  • Comes with customer portals, offering a better renting experience to your customers
  • Has a mobile application enabling easy check-ins, check-outs as well as damage details

Why Choose AutoFacets for Your Short Term Rental Management Tasks?

Increasing implementation of information technology has made car bookings and reservations safer, efficient and above all, easier. Not just car rental companies, but even their customers have happily embraced these fleet management solution as they bring a lot of conveniences. If you are a small car rental business, you might not find it complicated to manage fleet inventory. But in the future, when your car fleets grow, your inventories also will, making it difficult for you to know about the exact vehicle availability.

Wouldn’t it be sad and jeopardizing for your business if you end up making a wrong vehicle delivery to your customer? Or if you end up providing inaccurate services? To keep these issues at bay, why not try AutoFacets Fleet Management Solution and experience its advantages for your as well as your customers? Get in touch with one of our experts on and we will take you through a journey of each module and its working. Until then, we wish you happy renting!


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