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“What do you expect out of your Fleet Business?” Ask this question to the fleet owners of today and most of them would say “I wish I could make my fleet transport of people and goods more resilient, agile, and safe.” In a technologically-driven scenario like today’s, it is quite obvious for the fleet owners to have such demands. Especially, if the business is growing.

Whether one is dealing with taxis, intercity buses, short/long haul trucks, and trains, the challenges they come across are quite similar. Unexpected weather conditions, repairs, staff shortage, and last but not least, hindrance caused by siloed data while optimizing your fleet’s maintenance. To ensure the lowest TCO of the fleet while dealing with such unavoidable issues one needs to have a robust and secure fleet management system that can help run fleet operations smartly, efficiently, and digitally.

Talking about technologies, Artificial Intelligence has become a crucial part of fleet sectors globally. According to the Grand View Research, the fleet industry is expected to be hit a $565.1 billion mark by the year 2025 given the adoption of AI-driven smart fleet management. Isn’t that huge?

Today, we will shed some light on the ways in which AI helps Fleet Industry professionals handle some of the most persistent challenges, enabling them to work efficiently. Given below are some of the ways in which AI is transforming the world of Fleet Management.

Enabling Integrated Operations

As mentioned above, it is difficult for most of the fleet owners to eliminate the silos and have a single platform to access the data for different fleet operations, right from planning and monitoring to service and maintenance. With the help of an AI-based system, one can enhance the efficiency of the system by offering information that leads one to make better and faster decisions in real-time. Apart from that, it offers insights into other operations and brings more clarity on optimization and planning.

Better Maintenance and Effective Repairs

Sometimes, it takes a while for the driver to notice if anything is wrong with the vehicle or does it need any repairs. And by the time they figure it out, a lot of damage is done already, resulting in huge expenses. An AI-based system anticipates engine issues and informs about them to the driver before they notice it. When these issues are addressed on time, it leads to optimizing the overall maintenance cause, resulting in savings. 

Better Utility of Equipment & Logistics

AI makes use of predictive algorithms that can proactively detect operational challenges with cargo, passengers, equipment, etc. and offers suggestions for operators so that they can take care of the damage, unplanned downtime or incidents. When it comes to coping with unplanned incidents, AI suggests drivers with alternative roots in real-time. Apart from that, video-based safety monitoring systems make use of AI and IoT to prevent drivers from taking wrong decisions and creating safety on roads.



A Smart and Efficient Workforce

The demand for automotive technicians is growing in the European market. To curb this, AI can step in and capture the insights from long-time workers (mechanics and technicians) so that they can bring new technologies to the table and motivate the new generation of automotive experts to work efficiently.

Embrace the Power of AI

Modern fleet experts want to capture more and more data and analyze events and routes so that that they can strike a perfect correlation with operational efficiency and safety. In the future, it would be common to see a single device running analytics on multiple applications in real-time.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, operators will be able to have a real-time fleet view and monitor it effectively by proactively detecting issues like vehicle thefts, risky driver behavior, fraud attempts, cyber threats, etc. Technology like AI mechanical force to only focus on their core activities by avoiding distractions of other unnecessary coordination activities / duplicate work.

The question is, how much are you ready to embrace the change that disruptive technologies are bringing in?

Fleet Management Gets Easy with AutoFacets

The experts at AutoFacets are always keen on developing technologies that enable machines to save time, identify risks, and create fleet systems that keep your fleet force safe. Autofacets’ flexible, tailored, and AI-driven comprehensive platform provides complete integration with your current and future IT system. 

If you wish to carve a niche in the fleet marketplace, we would be more than happy to meet you in person and discuss our offerings with you. Drop us an email on info@autofacets.com to know about the ways in which we can leverage the power of AI for you.

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