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In this very contemporary era of internet and connectivity, everything is just a tap away on your smartphone. Be it listening to your choice of music, or your choice of lighting in your room, Alexas and Siris have made life all the more easy and accessible than ever before. So, it’s quite evident that the next thing to go ‘modern and data-driven’ in your life is nothing but your automobile.

Say Hello to the Car Connect Platform from AutoFacets, a revolutionary product that makes your car a data generation engine. It bridges the gap between man and his machine and seamlessly integrates technology into your daily routine for a hassle-free and happy experience.

The Car Connect Platform is the result of extensive research carried out by some of the best minds in the industry which serves almost everything you need to know about your vehicle. Right from telematics integration that provides you with command over the essential aspects of your vehicle like live location and beyond by the help of connected vehicle cloud platforms.

The connected car cloud platform takes your vehicle ownership experience a notch high by constantly feeding you the data about driving behaviour and it just doesn’t stop at that. It scores you too! So if you’re the efficient driver who saves till the last drop of fuel or likes to burn some rubber at the track, Car Connect Platform has something for everyone out there.



Most of the current generation of millennials either aspire to travel or actually travel. And, nothing comes handier than the trip logging feature of the connected cars ecosystem which lets you monitor the important parameters to keep you updated about the status of your vehicle. And, when you are busy clocking those kilometres in your car, it would even give a prior reminder about the service of your beloved possession.

By using the Car Connect Platform, one can also maintain a customer profile that keeps a record of the actions performed by that specific profile. Moreover, the planning and scheduling feature would prove indispensable since you have access to all the information you’ll ever need about your vehicle.

Not to forget, that the platform also brings in the customer contact centres where any issues regarding the product or its services are addressed with utmost priority. Thereby, ensuring complete peace of mind and smooth ownership experience.

The Car Connect Platform ensures that your vehicle’s good health to the T as one of the most prominent features of the product is proactive maintenance. So, all you need to do after getting it fitted in your car is relax, because whatever the issue is, this complete connected car solution has got you covered.

If you are the one who likes to track every penny spent, then the Car Connect Platform would help you track the total cost of ownership of your vehicle. So, not only it assists you in analysing your spends, it helps you save some cash too by building a digital understanding between you and your vehicle that is purely backed by data and science.

We at AutoFacets always strive hard to provide the best-in-class connectivity solutions for the entire automotive ecosystem. Our team not only develops products for today but we are a thought leader in shaping the future of mobility with tailor-made solutions co-created with the client.

If you are in the market trying to make a space for yourself, the AutoFacets team would be delighted to provide you with the best services. Drop us an email on to know about how we can leverage the power of connectivity for you.


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