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Fleet Operations Optimized Digitally, 40% Reduction in OPEX.

Evolving & disruptive business models and growing competition are forcing the Fleet & Logistics business become transparent, competitive and cost efficient. A technology driven – Green fleet is key for a profitable & sustainable business. Fleet managers are in need of real-time fleet information to ensure regulatory compliance, safety and efficiency up to the “Last Mile”, while providing fleet management solutions.

AutoFacets works with fleet owners, providing fleet management services, ranging from stabilization and optimization of processes (SOPs), right from effective planning to real-time monitoring. AutoFacets enables fleet managers to just focus on their fleet management by taking away all technological complexities, using its best of breed approach for systems integration as well as using its products and services portfolio.Connect with us

  • Fleet Safety
  • Green Fleet
  • Capacity & Procurement
  • Demand Forecast
  • Fleet Lifecycle

We resolve your business challenges,


  • Our Focus

    • Digital Customer Service Experience
    • Capacity Planning & Management
    • Contracts & Maintenance
    • Safety & Breakdown Assistance
    • Cost Optimization – Fuel, Labour & Service
    • Fleet Replacement & Churn-out
  • Our Solutions

    • 360° Customer Service & Marketplace
    • Capacity Planning & Dynamic Pricing
    • Tracking & Monitoring System
    • Partner’s & Supplier’s System Integrations
    • Forecasting & Predictive Analytics Platform
    • Vehicle Auction & Re-sales / Re-marketing

Customers Speak

AutoFacets has been an amazing partner for us right from thought leadership and brainstorming sessions. Working with AutoFacets, we see, how our digital journey should be like. They have really been understanding the business, the project, technology and how digital transformation can help us! Keep up the good work and it’s a fun company to work with.

Chief Digital Officer

A GLobal Logistics Major


  • Decrease in cost of operations by 13% resulting in optimized fleet management.
  • Established a robust fleet management system using latest technology.
  • Achieved 35% increase in fleet availability with fleet management solution.
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