How to Get Over Fleet Management Challenges Seamlessly?


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Whether it is a public transport organization, shipping & delivery enterprise, or a transport agency; fleet management can prove to be quite daunting for a fleet manager or the business owner. This is because it entails handling numerous tasks including keeping a track of fleet, managing the drivers, tracking their journey, ensuring their safety, organizing documents and taking care of auto-service booking/planning.

However, tasks as multifarious as these can’t possibly be handled manually or by using excel sheets. One needs to have a comprehensive solution that helps to undertake fleet management seamlessly.

Using a fleet management system, businesses owners can keep track of their fleet, employees, as well as assets in the most cost-effective way. So, what are the ways in which you can get over your fleet management blues? And in what ways can a vehicle management system come to your rescue? Let’s find out:

Keep Uncertainties at Bay
With a lot of activities changing rapidly at every level, it is quite difficult for fleet managers to operate with certainty. In fact, in today’s advancing times, fleet managers also expect autonomous vehicles to be a part their fleet.

But until vehicles become fully autonomous, one needs to continually trace the journey of drivers, keep in tandem with the change in driver schedules, and manage the full-lifecycle from purchase to remarketing. A superior quality Fleet Management system has modules which provide real-time updates enabling you to know about the on goings of your fleet and their whereabouts.

Enhance the Productivity of Drivers
The significance of drivers’ times is the most undermined factor when it comes to fleet management. As a fleet manager, one needs to ensure that there are minimal or no down times. Which means, you need to enhance your drivers’ productivity. Now, how can you take care of this remotely?

The technology of today has digitally transformed a lot of aspects pertaining to drivers including routing, reporting, and refueling. An ideal fleet management system should be able to provide you with a driver management module that enables you to keep details of drivers, track their behavior in real-time, and get information about the distance travelled along with the travel time.

Apart from boosting the productivity of your drivers, you can also up your productivity as a fleet manager using an automated solution. A solution that keeps you connected with your drivers at all times, follow up on their tachograph discrepancies, and provide them with feedback. Ensure that you look for a system that helps you enhance productivity of both; your driver and you.

Keep Customer Information Handy

Fortunately, or unfortunately, fleet management is not just confined to the realms of managing your vehicles and drivers. You also need to keep your customers happy, for which some business owners use a separate basic fleet software. To make it all easy, you can have an all-inclusive software solution which also keeps all your customer related information (from accountancy to payment details) and helps you to get the details as and when you want.

Using details from your customer management module, you can make reports, generate invoices, and create workflows from any location. It’s ideal to go for a fleet management system that comes integrated with a basic fleet software and provides you with a user-friendly dashboard for handling customer administration tasks with ease.

It’s Time to Get Over the Fleet Management Chaos!

AutoFacets, your trusted Automotive Digital Partner is here to help you get through your Fleet Management chaos. It renders you with a seamless and user-friendly way of organizing the fleet of vehicles and keeping a track of your drivers through a fleet management system.

If you have specific requirements, we would be more than happy to hear them out and customize our solution for you. Why not to drop us an email about the fleet management issues you face? We would be more than happy to help!


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