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Technology is in our DNA. AutoFacets Digital Concept Center #AF-DCC ensures that we stay abreast with latest technology trends that impact the Automotive world.

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    • AutoFacets (A Gateway NINtec Company)
      One of the world’s largest auto parts distributors handles orders worth 1 million euro weekly with AutoFacets (A Gateway NINtec Company)'s solution! Market disruptions and #digitaltechnologies are forcing #autoparts companies to reinvent themselves in order to remain relevant and competitive and at the same time grow their market-share. To achieve this, parts companies need to create a smarter supply chain, identify multi channels to connect to end customers. AutoFacets (A Gateway NINtec Company) enables parts companies to have simplified supply chain, smarter process workflows and create multiple digital touch points for parts companies to connect with their customers, both #B2B as well as #B2C. Want to learn more, connect with team AutoFacets (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email - info@autofacets.com . Website - https://lnkd.in/dN7YWKS #Carparts #Supplychain #ITinnovation #DigitalTransformation @ #AutoFacets

    • AutoFacets (A Gateway NINtec Company)
      Automotive Thought Leadership - With an anticipated global connected vehicles parc of more than 200 million by 2025, automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are looking to seize a competitive advantage by offering space-age customer experience. They are employing personalisation based on #ArtificialIntelligence ( #AI ), #virtualassistants, #digitalcockpit, and #datamonetisation solutions to deliver a rich #InternetofThings ( #IoT ) user experience to an increasingly demanding customer base. The new synergies among automotive and #ICT companies are giving rise to a new breed of business models such as revenue per transaction, event-based pricing, and subscription pricing. When developing these models, automotive #OEMs take into account the value customers place on data, mobility, connectivity, customer centricity, and cybersecurity. Want to learn more, how automotive ecosystem participants are partnering with and investing in data aggregators, technology providers, data consumers, and data-driven analytics companies to generate new revenue streams using mobility services and IoT application, connect with team AutoFacets (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email - info@autofacets.com. #Autotech #ITinnovation #DigitalTransformation @ #AutoFacets https://lnkd.in/dTndJmR

    • AutoFacets (A Gateway NINtec Company)
      Automotive Thought Leadership - The auto repair shop of the future will run on devices, data and dirt, technicians will not be just programmers but rather super-users. The shop of the future will have consumers with access to more information than ever but with the least amount of context. When they are in your shop, when they are using your products and they want more information, they’re going to pull out their phones and see what they can do to find out more about how to navigate through this. Auto repair shops need to provide access to information on their websites and social media sites for these tech-savvy consumers otherwise they will look elsewhere. Want to learn more, how repair shops owners embrace new digital tools and technology, connect with team AutoFacets (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email - info@autofacets.com.  #Autotech #Collisionrepair #Bodyshops #DigitalTransformation @ #AutoFacets https://lnkd.in/dfxYzvH

    • AutoFacets (A Gateway NINtec Company)
      Customer Delight, even in Collision, with service Personalization! AutoFacets (A Gateway NINtec Company) ensures that repairers have effective digital platform that creates a seamless, proactive service experience through better information and better communication, for both repairer and customer. To learn more, connect with team AutoFacets (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email - info@autofacets.com or visit - https://lnkd.in/dx7gCsc #Autotech #Collisionrepair #Bodyshops #DigitalTransformation @ #AutoFacets

    • AutoFacets (A Gateway NINtec Company)
      Automotive Thought Leadership - Automobiles today are not only machines on wheels, but an inseparable communion of software and hardware. Features like cruise-control, driver-assist, anti-collision-systems, geolocation, connectivity integrations among others, have crept into the mass market; enhancing vehicle safety, comfort and convenience. However, the industry’s goal is to make vehicles an extension of humans rather than an accessory for humans. And this is where #artificialintelligence (AI) and #machinelearning (ML) come into play. McKinsey states that the industry-wide AI-enabled ecosystem for automotive manufacturers will value about $215 billion by 2025. To tap this opportunity, AI and ML technologies need to work in tandem with Self-driving and connected vehicle manufacturers. In order to fully integrate these technologies seamlessly and make them mainstream for consumer vehicles, automobile manufacturers need to have strong analytic tools to collate, process and make sense of the data. Want to learn more, connect with team AutoFacets (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email - info@autofacets.com. #ITinnovation #digitaltransformation @ #AutoFacets https://lnkd.in/dQvEAwD