What Makes Dealership Management Systems Imperative for the Automotive Dealers of Today?

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Amar Gupta

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“There’s a bumper sticker on my Range Rover which says “Blow a horn if car parts fall off.” This new sticker is the replacement of a previous sticker, which said: “Each part that falls out of this car is of superior European quality”. I am done dealing with airflow sensors, head gaskets, coil pack and heaters that ask for the removal of the entire dashboard. The revisits at auto dealers are not fun. And I forget my checkbook each time!”

This is what a rant from a customer done dealing with obsolete automotive dealers sounds like.

Whether you already own an automotive dealership or you are about to start a new one, you need to take care of several aspects and stay on top of them. If your data is an amalgamation of details scattered all over the place including CRM, emails, ERP, local files and manual documents, there’s bad news! You will not be able to cope with the expectations of modern customers.

What you need is a comprehensive, robust, and reliable car dealership management system that makes dealing with customers streamlined, time-saving, and stress-free. So, what are some of its major features and what makes them so important for the automotive industry? Let’s find out:

Dealership Management System and Features You Must Know About

Dealership management involves taking care of record-keeping and day-to-day operations in several areas including finance, sales, inventory, vehicle pricing, parts ordering, administration, warranty claims, creating credit reports and more. A perfect dealership management system is the one that takes care of all the above aspects and more:

Take a look at some of the dealer management system features that are a must-have for today’s times:

  • A flexible system that can evolve with a rapidly changing market needs
  • Features that help you design and run marketing campaigns
  • Facility to monitor and record customer satisfaction trends
  • Functionality that helps in running and managing after-sales activities
  • Increase customer satisfaction index
  • Functions that enhance revenue and utilization

Now that you’ve known about the features and functionalities of a DMS, let’s understand how it can benefit you and your organization.

A good quality dealer management solution helps campaign managers to design the right automotive retail experience for the current and potential customers. They can ensure customer loyalty by rolling out rewards and benefits program for their loyal customer base resulting into more customer retention.

Think about this. A system that is intuitive enough to give you tangible inputs and data about the traffic on your website so that your sales executives can book a test drive with customers. A survey functionality that motivates customers to participate in a survey so that you can improve your services based on customer feedback. 

And last but not least, a feature that offers visibility to sales professionals do that they can arrange for a demo with their customers and review cars to smoothen customer experience.


The umbrella of aftersales is huge. Managing after-sales activities asks for a lot of modernized functionalities. Take a look at some features that can help you ace at after-sales activities.

Modern dealership management systems come with a web portal or a mobile app using which the B2B and B2C customers can handle their aftersales journey with dealerships digitally. Not just that, they can also track service appointments through online status updates. Through smart and interactive kiosks, you can encourage self-service and enhance customer engagement with your brand.


Perks of Integrating a Dealer Management System

  • Get rid of extensive paperwork and boost work efficiency
  • Handle appointments smoothly leading to more deal closures
  • Access your cloud-based DMS from anywhere, at any time, on any device
  • Enable smooth communication between your departments
  • Be available for your customers 24/7 using an SMS or chat system in your DMS
  • Know about the percentage of profitability dealership and performance trends through graphs and charts

Automotive Dealer Management systems are continually evolving. AutoFacets plays a major role in making automotive platforms that are feasible, scalable, and profitable. Why not get in touch with us and know about our offerings in detail? Drop an email to us on info@autofacets.com now!

Amar Gupta

Amar Gupta

Having over 15 years of experience in understanding challenges, conceptualizing solutions, and implementing the technology for automotive business processes along with enterprise transformation, Amar Gupta has been one of the strongest pillars of AutoFacets’ strategy and business revenue stream. His journey at Gateway started as a Business Development Manager and after 6 years of association with us, he went on to become the Vice President of AutoFacets. He has an in-depth know-how of the automotive industry and holds expertise in creating business growth strategies.

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