Client Testimonial – Neil McGawley, Founder & CEO, AMT Auto


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The AutoFacets-AMT partnership has led to the development of one of the world’s unique platforms allowing all mobility solutions to be transacted in one place, ensuring seamless integration. This Cloud-based platform is unique as it combines various modalities such as lease, rent, buy, sell, and subscribe all over a single platform without any manual intervention.

AutoFacets works with AMT as a dedicated partner for long-term projects. AutoFacets Team provides AMT with the right technical skills, people, and knowledge needed to achieve AMT’s grand vision.

“AutoFacets’ partnership with AMT entails a keen sense of knowledge management and investment into their knowledge, understanding the customer’s domain, and ensuring that we provide the right skills right technologies for a scalable solution.”

Vipin Moharir, Group Chief Strategy Officer, AutoFacets.

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