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The buzzword ‘Connected Car’ is the interconnection of different devices and new-age cars for a better experience. Your car and other devices will be connected via the internet and will work in a sync. This gives the ultimate personalized driving experience. In-Vehicle Infotainment technologies or IVI is responsible for delivering information and entertainment in the car. This IVI technology is developed to provide personalized information, entertainment and car monitoring for better performance of the car for its user. This is the perfect example of a personalized driving experience. How connected car technology and self-driven cars can enhance the driving experience with IoT, is the future. Have a look at a few other smart wonders!

IoT or Internet of Things can make a difference in the new-age car driving experience. The idea of a smart car or connected car is a surreal experience. Imagine that your car suggests alternative faster route to reach your destination, or your car finds a suitable place for parking and you get the notification of available parking space, reminds you the events from google calendars, books your restaurant, shows the nearest fuel stations, or it keeps track of car maintenance, temperature controller, or in case of an emergency, the connected car is able to automatically send the location and status to emergency services. European nations introduced this e-call technology as connected car technology to save lives in car accidents from 2018.

Source: Statista

This study from Statista shows that by the year 2020, 98% of cars will be internet connected worldwide. Connected car solutions will be must in that environment and automation will take the front seat. Your Smart car with IoT Solutions will be able to provide real-time monitoring, dashboard reporting, security and constant surveillance for a better driving experience.

Connected Car enables multiple actions at the same time. It is beyond AI, it not just understands your behavioral patterns and improves your experience. Let’s say if you frequently buy cookies on a particular day of the week for your kids, your smart car will make it a point and design your driving path exclusively for that day. Optimizing your driving map route and parking space are just a few things. Planning for anniversary dinner, you can ask your smartphone to book a restaurant booking and your car will take you there with the shortest and less congested route.

Big data has the wonderful advantage for connected cars or broadly we can say connected vehicles. The mobility management will be easier with vehicles enabled with connected car technology. This will help to find the optimal route, real-time traffic information optimize fuel consumption, Preventive repair alerts, pre-booked repair appointments & many more.

Vehicle maintenance becomes easier as these technologies help to find the exact spare part of your car from the OEM information. Even automotive IoT enabled-vehicle with the help of telematics can automatically report any problem to the service center for the optimum performance.

There are two more aspects which can be achieved with help of big data. Marketers can design their marketing and advertising campaign accordingly and tap the target audience on granular levels by using the consumer behavior trend. Marketers can set location enabled advertisement. The big data and connected car solutions can also synchronize with FinTech for insurance. This will automatically update your insurance after comparing the best suitable policy for your car. The analysis will also use the performance of your car, the frequency of visiting the service center, insurance claimed in the recent past and driving behavior (i.e. driver’s rating).

The entire ecosystem will be interconnected on the cloud level when a car enabled with IoT and, smart car app, mobile device, smart home, service center, Infotainment Services and emergency service provider can give a better driving experience, improved efficiency, and increased safety standard. The day is not far when your car will do all the work for you!

Now, is the prime time for automotive aftermarket as people tend to hold on to their vehicles for long, as a result of improved quality and service. With the help of aftermarket tech, the car manufacturers have realized that it’s important to keep older customers by making them enjoy some of the features without having them to buy a new car. With the advent of these new tech developments, vehicle upgrades will become affordable and accessible while bringing the connected car to you, sooner than expected.

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