New Plan of Digital Action Disrupts The Automotive Retailing Ecosystem


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Though digitization has taken all over the automotive industry and is changing the face of the global landscape, the automotive dealers and retailers sector has been a slow responder to the digital transformation. Auto retailers have been slow to embrace e-commerce, but the coronavirus pandemic is changing that.

There has been a sudden rise in online traffic even as showroom footfall has dipped amidst the coronavirus outbreak. This has kick-started the inevitable digital transformation in automotive retailing that was long overdue. It’s not like there were no measures taken by OEMs to embrace the digital ecosystem, rather it was being done at a slow place but now things are changing rapidly. 

The concept of social distancing seems to be working in the favour as dealers are now closing deals with interacting with the clients physically. They are leveraging digital tools to arrange vehicles to be picked up or delivered by and this has eliminated the need for customers to step out of their homes and visit the dealerships.

However, it can’t be denied that vehicle sales have taken a dip as most of the global economies face lockdown for an uncertain period due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Talking about Europe, new car registrations fell 7.4% to 1.135 million vehicles in the European Union, Britain and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries, as per the statistics by European Auto Industry Association (ACEA).

This is an aftereffect of China – one of the global manufacturing hubs for the automobile industry being plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, desperate times call for desperate measures and the automobile industry is adopting some innovative methods to keep the sales afloat.

We are proud that AutoFacets is at the forefront of making digital technology more accessible than ever before. We offer a host of digital transformation solutions tailor-made for the automotive retailing ecosystem. Our SAAS / PAAS offerings create the entire digital journey right from the lead stage to the delivery of the vehicle and after sale services. Here some of the prominent solutions that we offer:


Performance Dashboards

One-stop solution that gives a centralized viewpoint to the dealer over different aspects such as pre-booking, sales of vehicles, parts and spares, the marketplace, CRMs, Digital Marketing and beyond.


Product Configurator & E-commerce

Our solutions further enhance online buying experience with interactive configurators right from ordering any spare parts, searching, seeing product details to placing an order online. It connects the dealers to customers and expands their customer pool.




Digital Marketing Solutions 

A complete marketing package for creating the perfect automotive retail customer experience by leveraging all the tools you require. It lets dealers and other stakeholders engage with the target audience and send them personalized marketing messages.


Digital Signage

Our system requires the vehicle details to be entered only once with the complete set of documentation and pictures pertaining to the vehicle. They are then subsequently used to publish vehicle info on remarketing platforms, dealership websites and partner websites.


360° Customer Behavior Analytics

AutoFacets’ software can sense and learn customer preferences based on their buying behaviour, which enables sales experts to retain customers, capture leads and increase sales by leveraging the custom solution through interactive applications.

AutoFacets is a pioneer when it comes to offering world-class solutions for the entire automotive industry. Right from the dealerships to aftermarket experience, we cover it all. Contact us for any query while we ensure that your business remains afloat and doesn’t go off track.


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