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The rapid evolution in technology has brought a radical change in every industry. Everything today is unpredictable, including technology, business models, sales, markets, and customers. A number of manufacturing companies are coming up and redefining their products with digitization at each level. So, it is incorrect to say that the changes are confined to the evolution of the product indulging the customers with powerful electric cars, self-driving vehicles, and vehicle connectivity. The value chain of automotive is under a paradigm shift, which will change the consumer perspective about Automotive technology. In this digital era, the level of expectations from the customers is the success-setter in this cut-throat competition.

It is the online platform that has infused the power of the consumer’s group of automotive marketers. The customers are emancipated to search for options online without any geographic limitations. The information highway offers more and more information with a channel for sharing the experiences of the customers. The Automotive Dealers segment is experiencing healthy competition from new startups to established businesses. In this open platform of the web, consumers have access to a plethora of options for Product, Configuration, Service, Finance, Insurance, Assistance, and many more, which create cut-throat competition within the Automotive Dealers segment. So, those who want to bring success from customer delight in their business, have to adopt technology at the earliest.

Dealers should join hands with Automotive IT Experts like AutoFacets to achieve high digital sales with the best marketing capabilities along with techy options like dealer management solutions, which bring real-time facts & figures, better customer insights, swift operations, and improved profit.

There is a need for a digitalized dealership that has the ability to meet the growing expectation of the customers in this digital era and this can be obtained through the Automotive Dealer Management Solution. So, it is the brand frontage of the dealership which becomes the frontline for the customer touchpoints. The entire value chain of automotive needs to be real-time so as to support the touchpoints of the customer. This is a challenge for the traditional approach which was basically dependent on updating the existing systems with the new features.

AutoFacets’ Dealer Management Platform has been designed for enhancing and simplifying the management of the value chain on every level. The Dealership Management System is where dealerships transform into a ‘buying buddy’ that enables purchase decision making. Dealers need a perfect combination of processes, information, and IT tooling that influence and enable real-time decisions.

AutoFacets understands these changing expectations from dealerships and supports them with the best of the breed dealer management solutions and services portfolio to create the best fit and personalized digital experience for customers.

AutoFacets has been an active player in the automotive services industry for more than a decade. Our continuous investment in emerging technologies to provide cutting-edge solutions have brought us an opportunity to work for leading automotive players as clients from OEM to car dealerships as their co-Innovation and co-Investment partner. We address the specific needs of our automotive industry customers to deliver high-quality automotive solutions that always stand out in terms of technology and design. Let’s talk in detail on call or over email to discover how our solution can be helpful in your futuristic automotive objectives. Write us at

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