Fleets urged to use connected car data to stop cars and vans breaking down


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Fleet decision-makers are being urged by the AA to make use of the data behind connected car technology to keep their fleets breakdown-free for longer.

Last year, the number of connected car-based insurance policies, which use data to calculate insurance costs, rose by 30% to nearly one million across consumers and businesses in the UK.

As connected car technology products grow in usage across the UK’s fleets, data generation has become a key part of the business owner or fleet manager’s role.

However, according to research from the AA, just one third (33%) of fleet decision-makers use connected car data to improve safety and efficiency across their fleets.

Stuart Thomas, director of AA Fleet and SME services, said: “We’re keen to help businesses and fleet managers to make the best use of the available connected car technology benefits.”

A recent AA Fleet Intelligence review, which analysed fleet-wide connected car data, revealed that more than a third (36%) of fleet breakdowns could have been prevented.

“The data identified the top avoidable faults that drivers experienced as those incurred by coil, turbo and diesel particulate filter issues,” said Thomas.

“Our system also shows the average number of days that passed between fault development and breakdown, as well as identifying the total percentage of same-day breakdowns.

“Not only does this highly valuable data have the potential to decrease levels of downtime, it also allows fleet managers to prioritise employee safety by allowing them to swiftly respond to dangerous faults which arise, providing the data generated is regularly analysed.”

Courtesy of Fleet News

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