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AutoFacets employs special focus on innovations through its dedicated team – AutoFacets Digital Concept Centre (AF-DCC). AF-DCC has a combination of effective experience, skills and team filled with passion for automotive. Engages its think tank to analyse the digital disruption and transformation in the automotive industry across the globe. It envisions right fitment of emerging technologies to create the Digital enterprise of tomorrow. We execute workshop sessions with customers to brainstorm, ideate and generate business & technology concepts for the future.

On a yearly or half-yearly basis, AF-DCC defines and publishes its trend watch scenario which is based on IT trends that are driving the digital automotive since last couple of years and are expected to largely impact the industry until coming 3-5 years. Current scenario highlights the major innovation focuses of AF-DCC. Connect with us

Automotive IOT

Cars have become moving data centers with built-in sensors and computer units that capture information about the vehicle with a real-time access. This opens up wide areas of opportunities.

AutoFacets DCC has IOT as its prime focus, evaluating the implementation and business impact of various digital concepts that can leverage the connected car technology and setup. Our vision is to establish an eco-system of digital solutions around connected car which will benefit all the relevant stakeholders of the Automotive industry. Connect with us


  • Customer/ Driver: Ensure health of car
  • Proactive knowledge of breakdown for timely maintenance
  • Demand forecast on parts & maintain stock & availability
  • Break-Down service: Better customer service
  • Usage based insurance based on driving behavior
  • Dynamic leasing based on driving patterns
  • Real-time fleet tracking & safety


With cars becoming the data generating engines, Big data is the Oil that drives the Automotive IOT’s connected car’s propositions. Fortunately bigdata technology effectively churns-out most meaningful and impactful insights from the large data dumps every fraction of second.

AutoFacets DCC focuses on Bigdata system which are enabled with robust technological infrastructure including Hadoop, Mahout, Mongo DB, Redis data store, Mapreduce, Apache HBase, Pentaho, Qlikview and Microsoft Power BI. AutoFacets DCC had implemented bigdata systems for competitive comparison, behavioural analytics, predictive modeling and financial insights for automotive industry.Connect with us


  • Discovering the underlying issues with Data analytics
  • Creating set of customer data & engage with them throughout customer cycle
  • Decoding customer behavior & defining engaging customer experiences
  • Usage of consistent set of matrices to improve planning & performance
  • Facilitating improved abilities for quality management teams

Machine Learning

Advanced software technologies are not just building intelligence systems, but also designing methods for teaching software applications to get intelligent on its own, by continuous learning on each transaction. Machine learning is expected to transform organizational IT by driving business decisions that are executed not just on explicit factors but also some implicit and external factors and scenarios.

A persuasive approach for customer retention is critical for pro-active services and creating behavior based customer experience. Connect with us


  • Advanced driver assistance - assisted parking & collision avoidance
  • Better after market services like maintenance, re-sale, and insurance
  • Strong connectivity in the value chain
  • Customer based analysis and behavior for better serviceability

Artificial Intelligence

Although Artificial Intelligence is considered as the future, for businesses, it is no longer the future but “Necessity of the Hour”. Intelligent devices are learning from sensory inputs and recognizing the environment and evaluate the contextual implications. In the age of connected vehicles, this piece of technology is utmost important to sense, interpret, learn and act upon.Connect with us


  • Vehicles to identify various objects, in constrained environments
  • Facilitating communication amongst vehicles with road infrastructure
  • Deep learning algorithms drive communication between driver & vehicle
  • Transforming vehicle production, making it efficient, cost effective

Augmented Reality

Augmented and virtual reality are bringing the automotive showroom floor to consumers, visualizing concepts for engineers and training employees like never before.Connect with us


  • Optimized cost: Concept models during design stage of car-making
  • Enable projections and provide instructions to service staff in workshop
  • Showcasing different car variants while customer could see & hear it

Cloud Enablement

AutoFacets has always been at the centre of cloud propositions assisting enterprises in propelling business growth, enabling superior digital experience and create united experiences for users.Connect with us


  • Complete stake– Strategy, assessment, development to TCO calculation
  • Connected vehicle opportunities around the cloud
  • Enabling M2M & IoT with solutions & services
  • Enable customers operate their vehicles using mobile or wearable device
  • Centralization – Management view and reporting from Headquarters
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