AutoFacets is de mondiale leider in
digitale automotive oplossingen,
gedreven door passie voor automotive.
in de automotive wereld!


De nalatenschap van het werk op 5 continenten waarbij het hele automotive eco-systeem bediend werd gedurende de laatste 20 jaren.

Ons team heeft samengewerkt met een aantal van de meest toonangevende bedrijven en merken van de industrie.

Onze oplossingen creëren duuzame groei en intelligente eco-systemen voor de bedrijven in de automotive sector.

Buiten de automotive oplossingen creëren wij klantervaringen voor de digitale wereld.

Wij hebben de juiste mengeling van domeinkennis, ervaring en ICT-expertise die we toepassen om de kernprocessen van onze klanten te ondersteunen op strategische, tactische en operationele niveaus.


  • DNA

    Wij stellen altijd de status quo vraag

  • Het Bundelen van Oplossingen

    Combinatie van onze eigen oplossingen en op maat gemaakte ICT diensten

  • Kruisbestuiving

    Kruisbestuiving van oplossingen, expertise en kennis

  • Overkoepelende aanpak

    360° inzicht in het Automotive eco-systeem

  • Meewerken aan innovaties

    Het risico minimaliseren en het rendement verhogen

  • Multidisciplinaire ICT-diensten

    Het volledige traject van de klant wordt ondersteund

  • De beste mensen

    Automotive specialisten, adviseurs, ingenieurs & specialisten in marktinformatie

  • Vernieuwende Concepten

    Op de hoogte van de nieuwste trends

  • Ervaring Maakt een Verschil

    In totaal meer dan 4000 jaar ervaring


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Technology Partners

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Phone : +31 (0) 79 3200 980
Email : info@autofacets.com

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3115 Harvester Road Suite 400
Burlington Ontario L7N 3N8
Email : info@autofacets.com

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Vipin Moharir

Group Chief Strategy Officer, CEO - Europe

Vipin is co-founder at Gateway Group and CEO Europe. He is responsible for Strategy, Execution and Results at Gateway Group. Vipin is also responsible for global inorganic initiatives (‘Buy & Build’) of Gateway Group. With a unique blend of Indian background, combined with Dutch/International exposure, he has evolved into a serial entrepreneur at ‘heart and soul’. Vipin believes fervently that “There is no substitute for hard work”.

Vipin is an ‘Innovation Agent’ with over twenty years of managerial and consulting experience. He appears frequently in the media and regularly speaks at events. Vipin served in The Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce and Trade (NICCT) as an active Board Member and Chairman (2015-2017).

Vipin had worked in the USA and the UK with multinationals before deciding to undertake his own entrepreneurial adventure. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration.

Ashit Shah

CEO, AutoFacets

Ashit is Chief Executive Officer of Gateway’s Autofacets’ division. His chief responsibilities involve day-to-day management decisions and implementation of the company’s long and short-term plans as well as to drive plans to success for the Autofacets domain to progress. With over 15 years of experience in the global IT industry Ashit has had a dynamic management career with strong leadership, problem-solving, planning, team building and account management skills.

He is successfully developing, motivating and retaining diverse teams and structuring them in teams that deliver results internationally. Ashit has strong expertise in implementing end-to-end complex technology projects in Automotive, Banking, Hospitality and Retail verticals. The client relationship is an area of utmost importance to Ashit. He builds excellent relationship with clients and partners as well as secures the performance of global deliveries.

He is culturally sensitive with the experience of working in Europe and Asia. He is respected for team-based management style, value-based leadership skills and vision based organizational design. He is a fan of Manchester United FC and a good sport who takes the banter from his colleagues with a pinch of salt (hoping for a comeback soon).

Ashit holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a Master’s degree in Information Technology (MIT) along with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance.

Amar Gupta

VP- Sales & Strategic Alliances, AutoFacets

Pascal Serres

Director, AutoFacets, France

Pascal joined Autofacets as a director in May 2017 just after he created his own business consulting company Moby-D. His role is to contribute to the development of Autofacets, thanks to his large network of contacts in the world of mobility and his own experience of technical and functional requirements.

He is a recognized expert in mobility area worldwide, having been elected in the Fleet Europe “hall of fame” in 2013 for his contributions to the fleet management and vehicle lease industry, and now being chairman of the advisory board of Global Fleet in Latin America, a structure where all key parties of the Latin-American fleet eco-system are represented.

Strategic thinking, management, sales, customer relationship and finance have been his forte. He has been working in the automotive and finance world for more 30 years in top management positions in different countries. From 2002 to 2017 he geared ALD SA from being a very small French company toward a world leader in fleet management business and its successful introduction into the French stock market.

Pascal is a graduate from HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales- 1975) and holds a PhD in Economics from Paris VIII University (1986).

Pascal speaks 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Vilas Nagar

CTO, Autofacets

Vilas is Chief Technology Officer of Gateway’s Autofacets division. His rich experience in 100+ successful projects in matured markets gives him the depth to offer relevant technology and solutions in the journey of transformation. He works closely with clients in devising their roadmap and strategies for overall success.

He has carved his way up from a project engineer to a CTO. Vilas is playing a key role in the company’s growth and leads the architecture framework for the development of many critical and large-scale projects in the field of Auto, Finance, Insurance, Banking, e-commerce and IT. A few of Vilas’ qualities are that he is a very curious person and open to new learnings and that has made him keep his clients satisfied with his innovative tech and spontaneous solutions. As CTO, Vilas effectively holds, develops, articulates and continually evolves the company’s strategic direction and product roadmap.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from Gujarat University.

Jörg Höhner

CEO DACH – AutoFacets

Marcus Fromberg

Sales Manager, AutoFacets

Marcus Fromberg has over 15 years of rich experience in discrete positions of business development in the automotive and dealerships leasing companies & importers. Marcus, who started his career in 2003 with Sator Holding, has grown up working with market leaders like VWE Automotive, Van Marwijk Holding, CDK Global, Autorola, and Solera on distinct profiles. Marcus’s degree is in Marketing and Account Management from Hogeschool Schoevers. He additionally holds a management degree from ESAM School of advanced management and finance.

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