Valentijn (Thijs) Leentvaar – Ex Product Owner, LKQ Corporation joins AutoFacets as Customer Success Director

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Valentijn (Thijs) Leentvaar – Ex Product Owner, LKQ Corporation has joined AutoFacets team (the Automotive vertical of Gateway Corp) as Customer Success Director. He brings in over 25 years of work experience in the automotive industry, especially in the European region. His strong forte in IT application development, Marketing Management, Coaching teams, and kick-starting new initiatives while also being involved in Business Development and Sales during his projects is bound to add exponential glory to the brand in the coming days.

Valentijn would be primarily overseeing customer relationships and would also be working on the marketing aspect of the brand with the existing leadership team. AutoFacets, one of the biggest automotive service providers in the European region covers the entire ecosystem when it comes to automobiles. The brand offers services right from manufacturing and pre-production stage to aftersales and services as well. Recently, there have been alterations in the organisational structure of the firm and this has come as part of AutoFacets’ strategy to expand its market share in the dealers, lease & rental, and the remarketing sectors in 2020.

“AutoFacets is the spearhead of innovation when it comes to automotive technology. We have a long legacy of offering the best services in the business for quite a while and this has been made possible because of the talent and skill our team boasts of. With Valentijn coming on board, our brand is further strengthened as the team is leaving no stone unturned for achieving Vision 2020″ says Ashit Shah, CEO, AutoFacets.

“AutoFacets is pushing the boundaries further in the European automotive industry. The team has been delivering the best business values and has carved a niche for the brand in the automotive ecosystem. I am looking forward to delivering exceptional experiences to the entire clientele of AF. The dynamics of mobility are changing faster than anyone could have anticipated. With the advent of digitisation, sensors and radars have become equally important as powertrain in a vehicle and that speaks a lot. Today, automotive connectivity has forayed far beyond just connecting your smartphone to the car via Bluetooth, rather a modern age car communicates with the infrastructure, server, and even other fellow vehicles on the road. The customer base is getting smarter and has higher expectations with every new launch as it now has easy access to technology and data. Offering a pleasant customer experience is something every stakeholder in the automotive industry is striving hard for,” says Valentijn as he talks about AutoFacets his association with the brand and the current scenario in the automotive ecosystem.

AutoFacets Media Room

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