Mercedes Vans announces logistic operators’ support facility in Bochum


, Fleet & Logistics
  • Operator concept with renting of parking spaces, on-site maintenance and repair services, flexible van rentals
  • Daimler Business Innovation scanner to detect damage as vehicles enter parking area
  • Offerings for logistics companies and their drivers
  • Cooperation with LUEG at new Amazon Logistics Distribution Centre, Bochum
  • Mercedes-Benz Vans planning extensive logistics partner programme

In addition to parking space rental, it includes other service modules that provide support for the logistics companies and their drivers operating at the location.In cooperation with sales partner Fahrzeug-Werke LUEG AG, Mercedes-Benz Van Sales Germany is starting an innovative and completely new operator programme at the parking area connected to the recently inaugurated Amazon Logistics Distribution Centre in Bochum.

A chip on the number plate gives delivery vehicles automated access. Entering vans will soon be checked for damage using an innovative scanner. In addition, maintenance and repair services for the van fleets are available in LUEG’s nearby commercial vehicle centre.

Mercedes-Benz van rental to bridge short-term bottlenecks in fleet availability is also planned.

The operator concept for parking areas is part of a comprehensive logistics partner programme as the van maker responds to changing transportation and logistics industry trends.

“With the bundled range of services in combination with the parking space rentals, we are breaking new ground in van logistics,” said Stefan Sonntag, head of new vehicles at Mercedes-Benz Van and MPV Sales in Germany.

“We are delighted that, in cooperation with Amazon and our sales partner LUEG, we have the opportunity to implement this extensive operator concept and to support the logistics partners and their drivers.”

Stefan Jansen, head of commercial vehicle sales at LUEG added: “The innovative concept brings us even closer to our customers and enables us to implement comprehensive digital solutions – that creates advantages for both sides. In light of the increasing importance of alternative powertrains, we will – together with a partner – furthermore develop an innovative concept for securing a charging infrastructure at the location. With this we will make e-mobility more and more practical for everyday use in the logistics field.”

Industry in transition

The Daimler van unit said growth in online trade and same-day delivery is changing the courier, express and parcel industry (CEP). The CEP market has been exceeding all expectations for years: in Germany, the volume of parcel shipments has increased by 75% in the past 15 years. According to forecasts, it is set to double yet again by 2025 to an estimated volume of almost 6bn delivered parcels. The main players in the CEP services market are increasingly smaller, more flexible companies working as logistics partners for larger parcel services or mail order companies. They take care of last mile deliveries to the end customer. As a result, large logistics and distribution centres serve both as distribution warehouses and as the interface between mail order companies and such smaller delivery services.

Complete range of services

At the Amazon Logistics site in Bochum, Mercedes-Benz Vans and LUEG, for the first time, have employed a comprehensive operator concept for a parking area of 6000 square metres in the direct vicinity of a distribution centre. Drivers are offered on-site parking spaces for their own private vehicles and future plans call for lounge and food service areas. Numerous services are offered for the administration and care of van fleets is available to logistics companies. This includes vehicle cleaning and tyre pressure checks on site.

A vehicle scanner will soon inspect delivery vehicles entering the site for damage. This so-called digital vehicle scan is a digital measurement collection and imaging system in one. It was developed by Daimler Business Innovation and is being piloted together with the Mercedes-Benz Paul Service Centre in Passau, Germany. Detected damage can be repaired at LUEG’s nearby Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Centre, saving time and money. All standard maintenance work and inspections can also be carried out there. A range of vans from the CAR2SHARE cargo facility on site offers flexible and smartphone-based rentals to ensure mobility in the event of a vehicle breakdown or to cover order peaks.

The logistics partners can save time and money as a result of avoiding additional empty or private runs and prompt detection of damage. The extensive package of services and associated improvement in vehicle condition also ensure compliance with Amazon quality standards.

For Mercedes-Benz Vans, the operator concept is part of a comprehensive partner programme which is currently being developed in cooperation with the sales network. As a service interface between mail-order companies and the carriers hired by them, the automotive manufacturer will in future be offering special leasing and service terms for its vans.

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