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AutoFacets – Your Digital Automotive Partner

AutoFacets is a Digital Automotive Partner that serves the industry with a right mix of domain knowledge, experience and IT expertise. Specializing in digital innovations we have deep industry experience of over 12 years working as strategic and operational partners to leading global automotive players.

We Serve:

  1. OEMs & Importers
  2. Dealers
  3. Garage Chains
  4. Collision Repairers
  5. Parts & Components
  6. Insurance
  7. Lease & Rental
  8. Fleet & Logistics

Why AutoFacets:

  • Converting challenges into opportunities
  • Providing competitive advantage
  • Creating new value propositions
  • Creating differentiated offerings
  •  Achieving desired business goals

Stay Ahead With ‘AutoFacets Insight (Automotive Thought Leadership)

One of the exciting features of AutoFacets is the ‘AutoFacets Insight’ portal – a trusted source for the Automotive Industry to find their relevant updates in one place – the current industry news, trends, events, thought leadership articles, videos/webinars, whitepapers, etc. which are available online on different platforms. This portal helps you stay informed about the latest technologies and innovations in the dynamic global automotive industry so you can stay ahead of competition in this digitally disruptive industry.

We hope you find AutoFacets Insight portal useful and informative, and request your feedback on how we can improve it further. Please mail us your suggestions, questions or comments at:

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