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It will not be an understatement to say that our lifestyle is basically driven by our mobile phones. Be it booking a flight, hiring an Uber, or getting your car to service everything is just a few taps away on your phone’s screen. This ease of access has had a large impact in shaping the present and the future of the automobile industry and the mobility ecosystem at large. Let’s have a look at some of the most profound ways in which mobile applications have impacted the automotive industry.


Automotive Retailing would become more Digital oriented

The smartphone ecosystem is extremely user-centric with a single objective to provide the user with the ultimate user experience. Mobile apps irrespective of the operating system have created a virtual world and hence, reality seems to be a far-fetched dream without them. 

By now, it has become evident that automotive various stakeholders in the automobile industry are leveraging the small hand-held device to make the purchases a lot easier to handle. Many pieces of research in the past have indicated that smartphone is the preferred choice for most of the people when it comes to shopping. 

It is a usual trend that the potential customers normally enter the showrooms before making their mind about what they want to buy. This largely depicts the importance of the experience in the showrooms. However, smart buyers which mostly consist of millennials know what exactly what they want and most of them even do their homework accurately before zeroing down a purchase especially in the automotive retailing sector. Hence, mobile browsing becomes a prominent factor as it delivers a rich context for customers. This has made a huge impact on the vehicle purchasing process as more and more customers are now reached through the mobile system.

One added advantage of this newly emerging phenomenon is that the auto brands are now gearing up to optimize the content and deliver the campaigns through digital marketing to the specific target audience in order to hit the right chord at the very first attempt. The long-prevailing distance between dealerships and the deals they offer seems to shrink as a result of the technology introduced by mobile applications. 


Customers get a more personalised experience

Since half of the world’s population now has a mobile phone in hand, it has opened a new horizon of possibilities. Our life is virtually governed by the small icons we call ‘apps’  in our mobile phones. Well, these apps have not empowered today’s buyers but have also leveraged the service and business orders to an unbelievable extent.  

The applications in our phones don’t just access the information, they also store it for future purposes. This information is then utilised by the various stakeholders and talking about the automobile industry specifically, they are helping OEMs to get the best of the business opportunities. The automotive dealers, for instance, are now combining the offline and online marketing campaigns to create that perfect deal for potential car buyers. This makes the identification of potential customers convenient, thereby letting them deliver relevant offers. This results in far more personalized customer experience, thereby improving overall customer satisfaction.



In-car experience takes a leap

Right from navigation to remotely starting the vehicle, mobile applications are changing the way people perceived in-car experience. Services like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offer a seamless experience and are closely inching to blur the boundaries between your smartphone screen and in-car infotainment system. 

Mobility at large is also affected largely by the application-driven technology ecosystem that has been created over the past few years. Not to forget that ride-hailing like Uber ride on the mobile application for operations. Same is the case with other car-pooling and shared mobility solutions too.

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