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Let Automotive Artificial Intelligence Marketing Find Your Ideal Digital Conquest Vehicle Prospects

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly making its way into many aspects of our digital lives like the recommendations and suggestions you get on Netflix, Under Armour or Amazon when looking at specific movies, books or products. Google openly admits using AI systems to interpret search queries to be better prepared for voice search, and credit card companies use it to identify and prevent fraud and data breaches. There are even certain Website design companies that use it to automate Web design effectively for their users.

So we shouldn’t be too surprised as automotive professionals to see AI introduced to automotive marketing. In fact, we should be relieved to know that we are finally at a point in time when we can leave the digital ad placement to machine learning, so we can focus solely on creating exciting content that engages prospects and close more deals.

New Words, Simple Concepts, Total Domination

Now don’t worry, this blog is not about a bunch of big words and complex technobabble. Yes, there are a few words we have to add to our vocabulary to be able to communicate the new ideas and possibilities, but the concepts are simple and will help your dealership dominate your trade area in every digital media.

Think Of AI as an FBI Profiler Working For Your Dealership

The best way to describe the way we use AI at Turbo Marketing for our dealers is to think about it as an FBI profiler; you know those brainy investigators that can figure out the profile of a suspect based on his behavior? In the case automotive AI marketing, we use available algorithms to profile your ideal digital prospects by analyzing the past and present behaviors of these four targets:

1. Existing Customer Profiling
2. Competitors Website Visitor Profiling
3. Current In-Market Vehicle Shopper Profiling
4. Conversion Data Profiling

We call it ourAutomotive AI 4×4 Profiling Package.

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