Empowering the Automotive IT Lifecycle

A Rich IT Landscape
To resolve your
business challenges,


OEMs & Importers

  • Integration – OEM, Dealerships
  • Sales & Marketing Campaigns
  • Procurement + Stock & Inventory
  • Integrated Process
  • Technical Knowledge-base
  • Intelligence-Predictive, Proactive


  • Performance Dashboards
  • Product Configurator
  • E-commerce Portal
  • Digital Marketing – Ratings & Loyalty
  • Recommendation & Notification System
  • Digital Signage
  • 360° Customer Behavior Analytics

Garage Chains

  • Digital Work Order
  • Workshop Capacity Planning
  • Customer Service Portal
  • Telematics – Predictive & Recommendation
  • Service Intelligence Dashboard
  • Tech Knowledge Board

Collision Repairers

  • Customer Contact Center
  • 360° Customer Portal
  • Workflow Management
  • Damage Claims Management
  • Integration – iBOSS, Audatex, Mitchell1, CCC
  • Quotation Engine

Parts & Components

  • Competitor & Behavior Analytics – Insights
  • Telematics Based Demand & Forecasting
  • Digital Technical Manual
  • Online Market Place
  • Product Catalogue & Info Management (PCIM)
  • B2B2C E-commerce

Auto Insurance

  • Insurance Marketplace (Usage Based)
  • Personalized Customer Interaction
  • Real-Time Inspection & Diagnostics
  • Claims & Bill Management workflow
  • Analytics Dashboard & Reporting
  • Smart Calculators

Fleet & Logistics

  • Tracking & Monitoring System
  • 360° Customer Service
  • Forecasting & Predictive Analytics Platform
  • Vehicle Auction & Re-sales/ Re-marketing
  • Capacity Planning & Dynamic Pricing
  • Partner’s & Supplier’s System Integrations

Lease & Rentals

  • Integrated Leasing – Quotations & Contracts
  • Private Lease & rental
  • Telematics Solution
  • Vehicle Inspection Solution
  • Car Sharing & Mobility solution
  • Remarketing Platform

Integration – OEM, Dealerships

Standard and custom connectors that establish seamless communication between proprietary OEM systems and dealership systems.

Sales & Marketing Campaigns

A centrally driven campaign manager platform with flexible global and localized customer communication.

Procurement + Stock & Inventory

Digitalized processes for procurement, stock & inventory management.

Integrated Process

Seamless connectivity with the core process application – Diagnostics, CRM, DMS, Accounting etc.

Technical Knowledge-base

A digital repository of OEM driven standard technical specification and documentation manuals for quick and easy reference.

Intelligence-Predictive, Proactive

An engine with integrated centralized data that provides effective predictive & proactive intelligence.

Performance Dashboards

Critical insights on measurable sales performance, dealership performance, customers, conversion ratio, etc.

Product Configurator & E-commerce

Enhancing online buying experience with interactive configurator for search selection and purchase of accessories.

Digital Marketing – Ratings & Loyalty

Effective marketing tools for 1:1 preference based marketing communication and customer satisfaction management.

Recommendation & Notification

Customer behavior based intelligence that generates effective recommendations for smart decisions both for customer and dealers.

Digital Signage

A communication platform for marketing the products & creating an interactive customer touch point.

360° Customer Behavior Analytics

Platform that can sense and learn the customer preferences based on the customer buying behavior, thus making the customer communication more relevant and effective.

Digital Work Order

A platform that enables generation of work order digitally and paperlessly manage the complete maintenance workflow.

Workshop Capacity Planning

An intelligence solution that allows effective planning and utilization of mechanics, material resources. Thus ensuring that an optimal revenue and margin is achieved.

Customer Service Portal

Online platform which provides the customer a complete overview of their vehicle, its health, service history and maintenance recommendations, deals from Garage.

Telematics – Predict & Recommend

Diagnostics based integrated solution which captures, analyzes and evaluates real-time information for proactive maintenance and driver behaviour tracking.

Service Intelligence Dashboard

Interactive dashboards that provide full visibility for the shop-floor operations and performance.

Tech Knowledge Board

An online platform that consolidates all technical knowledge resources and collaborates technical experts for knowledge sharing.

Customer Contact Center

A single central customer touch point for communication and service, backed by intelligent customer profiling to ensure personalize service interaction.

360° Customer Portal

Complete visibility platform enables you to swiftly act upon the information received real time.

Workflow Management

Platform that ensure paperless, digital workflow across shop-floor, seamlessly integrated with internal and external stakeholders.

Damage Claims Management

Complete Damage claims workflow – from Reporting to Invoicing.

Integration – iBOSS, Audatex, Mitchell1

Mitigating issues from any business department can be attained with system integrations and data intelligence.

Quotation Engine

Allows you to create and compare detailed, multi-carrier insurance quotes in seconds.

Competitor & Behavioural Insights

Employ analytics to take informed/ strategic decision by evaluating your customers’ behavior and competitors’ tactics

Telematics: Demand & Forecasting

A predictive modelling system generates demand forecasts based on real-time diagnostic trends.

Digital Technical Manual

Transform page bound material into digitized handbooks thereby unleashing information at fingertips.

Online Market Place

Collaboration platform connecting the suppliers with their buyers.

Product Catalog & Info (PIM)

Centralized system for managing the information required to market and sell products through distribution channels.

B2B2C E-commerce

Integrated web-shop platform for Garages and customers to ensure on-demand delivery of right parts.

Insurance Marketplace (Usage Based)

Collaboration of customers and insurance companies. Customers equipped for better purchase decisions, insurance companies increase customers reach.

Personalized Customer Interaction

Customer profile and preference based customer contact, service delivery and support platform.

Real-Time Inspection & Diagnostics

Proactive maintenance alerts and real time diagnosis of the car health through on-board diagnostics enabling safety thereby reducing payouts.

Claims & Bill Management workflow

A simplified workflow for claims management handling and the settlement processes.

Analytics Dashboard & Reporting

Drill down key insights and recommendations based on real-time information, thus ensuring right decisions and corrective measures.

Smart Calculators

Intelligent tool that ensures relevant recommendation for insurance based on customer profile, demographics, preferences and situational intelligence.

Tracking & Monitoring System

Gain real-time visibility & Improve operational efficiency to improve customer service effortlessly

360° Customer Service & Marketplace

Enable a seamless customer experience across channels to support end-to-end customer service cycle

Forecasting & Predictive Analytics

Real-time decision making from accurate forecasts by instant intelligence insights

Vehicle Auction & Re-marketing

Delivers full control and reliability at every aspect of your fleet auction’s operations which significantly reduce overall lifecycle costs and minimize depreciation

Capacity Planning & Dynamic Pricing

Identify and manage last-minute customer demands & Increased profitability with real-time collaboration and control over pricing

Partners & Supplier’s Integration

Enable a seamless experience across stakeholders of your ecosystem for maximizing profitability with a streamlined workflow

Integrated Leasing

A solution to manage complete cycle of leasing activities starting from quotations, contract to damage management services.

Private Lease & rental

Customer portal for B2C segment, to allow customer manage their vehicle, contracts and avail services digitally, ensuring convenience.

Telematics Solution

Track real-time status and obtain behavioral, contextual and driving analytics of vehicles with our next generation telematics solution.

Vehicle Inspection Solution

Automate inspection reporting solution that facilitates analysis with real time vehicle diagnostic solution enabling pro-activeness.

Car Sharing & Mobility solution

Customer solution that allows complete mobility and flexibility for easy transportation (Cars, bikes, public transport, etc.)

Remarketing Platform

A novel platform that supports remarketing and re-sales of used vehicles post contract completion.

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