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Integrated Network

Established a Centralized & Integrated Network with 1000 Dealerships for 5 OEM Brands.

OEMs & Importers aim at 2 primary goals– Empower Sales through an integrated network and Optimize operations through standardized processes. A major challenge lies in implementation of integrated process across single or multi-brand distribution network to drive both Sales as well as operations.

AutoFacets facilitates standardization and optimization of processes, thus reducing the technology complexities into single channel operations & communication. Our understanding of the industry and business helps our customers in finding the right and best of breed technology approach by integrating systems, using our products, components and frameworks. Connect with us

  • Sales Operations
  • Dealership Management
  • Supply chain Management
  • Multi-channel Marketing
  • Training & Knowledge Mgmt.

We resolve your business challenges,


  • Our Focus

    • Dealership Sales & Distribution
    • Global & Local Pricing
    • End to End Process Management
    • OEM Integration
    • Marketing – Centralized + Localized
    • Seamless Communication Mechanism
  • Our Solutions

    • Integrated – OEM, Dealerships
    • Procurement + Stock & Inventory
    • Technical Knowledge Base
    • Sales & Marketing Campaigns
    • Integrated Process
    • Intelligence-Predictive, Proactive

Customers Speak

It is a company with which we can discuss anything. They take us further in the journey to make the company digital. Keep on doing what you are doing.


Leading multi-brand Importer and Dealer


  • Designed, developed & implemented an integrated dealer network of 200+ dealers.
  • Helped generate revenue of 10+ million for a brand in a single month.
  • Activated multi-channel integrated marketing campaigns for 5 OEM brands across 150 locations.
  • Implemented standardized knowledge management processes for various OEM brands.
  • Created dashboards with real time information for critical business decision making.
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