Volkswagen hosts Future of Mobility Day 2018


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Volkswagen is hosting Future Mobility Day 2018 during which it will highlight key megatrends in future vehicle R&D.

As part of this it will underline some of its latest projects including the SEDRIC autonomous concept car; self-driving transport units for goods deliveries; learning assistance systems; augmented-reality technology for enhanced safety in road traffic; 3D printing procedures; the transformation of engine heat into electricity; vehicle sensors to measure air quality; and innovative methods for developing batteries for electric vehicles.

Volkswagen Group Research is defining the trajectory for innovations that will exert a defining influence on the mobility experience of tomorrow. It carries out fundamental scientific research work, identifies relevant trends and acts as an incubator and driver of ideas for the entire company.

“Our central function is to drive forward innovations with the objective of offering our customers throughout the world products and services with outstanding technology,” commented Axel Heinrich, head of Volkswagen Group Research.

Future Mobility Day 2018 provides an insight into the different areas that are covered by Volkswagen Group Research and gives exclusive perspectives on current R&D processes. VW staff will present a selection of projects on the Volkswagen Group test track at Ehra-Lessien.

Discover more about the Future of Mobility Day 2018 here.

Author – Rachel Evans
Courtesy of automotive testing technology international

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