COVID-19: Must have precautions while travelling


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The whole world has come to a standstill due to the ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19. Though health advisory has been issued in every region of the world and people are practising social distancing, it still might be inevitable for some people to avoid travelling. So, for those who do not have any other choice than to use shared mobility or ride-hailing services, here’s what you need to do to avoid exposure to or spreading COVID-19.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is of you feel that you may have been infected, refrain from travelling altogether. Self-isolation is the best practice in such circumstances, as you can become the carrier of the virus for someone with low immunity even if you are not the one to be infected. 

 If you still have to travel, here’s what you can do to ensure yours and others’ well being.


While opting for shared mobility:

It is recommended not to share a car with the people you do not stay with. But in case you have to use someone else’s vehicle, diligently follow these steps: 

  1.  Before and after using the vehicle, gently wash your hands on an immediate basis. 
  2. Keep a hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol content and use it regularly during the entire course of your journey.
  3. External surfaces have loads of virus and bacteria, so it is wise to carry a pack of antibacterial surface wipes.
  4. Keeping the luggage in the boot rather than on the seats might reduce the chances of virus transmission. 
  5. While cleaning the vehicles, wear disposable gloves and remember to dispose of them safely once you are done so as to avoid further contamination.
  6. The frequent touch-points need to be properly sanitised in a car like the door handles, gear shifter, key fob, steering wheel and the dashboard as the air is continuously circulated inside the cabin, the dashboard can accumulate a lot of bacteria and viruses. Ensure to repeat this process every time you use the vehicle.
  7. You should wear disposable gloves while filling up and using fuel pumps and keypads.
  8. For cleansing of leather surfaces in the interior, a mild soap solution combined with leather conditioner is a better choice than harsh disinfectants.



While opting for a ride-hailing service:

  1. Follow the first four points mentioned above. Along with that, avoid unnecessary touch with fellow occupants in the car.
  2. Prefer electronic payment mode rather than cash as the currency note are one of the best hotspots for bacteria and viruses.
  3. Keep a safe distance of at least two metres from the driver while communicating inside the vehicle. 
  4. If possible, sit on the rear seat of the car and keep the front seat vacant.
  5. If more people are travelling with you and you cannot keep the front seat free, take one more cab.


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