AutoFacets 3rd Generation Kiosks: Revolutionizing Automotive Services for Digital Auto-Dealerships

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From owning a car as an asset to specifying what features one wants to enhance the mobility experience of customers, we have come a long way. A mobility experience in its entirety is what we are referring to here. The cars of today come with several state-of-the-art features like passenger entertainment, self-driving, voice command, social media integration, AI-driven maintenance software and more.

Several automotive dealers who are in the car leasing and renting business, advertise themselves with the tagline – ‘segment-first’. But the sad part? Not all of them are successful in their endeavors. If we try to revive a scenario from a decade ago, it would be common to see a customer walking into a car dealership company, filling several forms, going through multiple brochures and haggling with different staff members before finalizing on a car on lease/rent.

But the scenario is quite different now. Customers ask for a hassle-free way to lease/rent/buy cars. And the automotive dealers of today have to cope with their expectations.

How Can AutoFacets Help?

To help lease and rental dealers surpass client expectations, AutoFacets introduced 3rd Generation Kiosks. These kiosks, when installed at the lease and rental showrooms, enable the dealership owners to digitize the end-to-end lease/rental lifecycle and create a secure, one-point car pick-up/drop off point. Needless to say, they create a queue-free system, enabling your customers to pick up/drop keys and make car bookings.

AutoFacets has achieved remarkable success with around 80% of customers agreeing that its 3rd Generation kiosks made check-ins easier for them. As compared to the employee-oriented check-ins, nearly 81% of customers would prefer a kiosk-based check-in experience. And almost 10% of customers upgraded or chose add-on services while checking in. 

What’s in Store for Automotive Dealers?

With the help of AutoFacets’ 3rd Generation Kiosks, your sales executives can make cross-sell/upsell of the cars in your showroom and enhance the car leasing/rental experiences of your customers.

Given below, are some of its advanced features:

  • Plug & Play Solution – Seamless DMS integration and staging
  • Pin Secured, GDPR Compliant Kiosks – For a personalized customer experience
  • Speedy Self-service – To eliminate the time and efforts spent during peak hours
  • Automated Key Pickup & Drop Off Point – Rental Car Management, car service check-in/check-outs made easy
  • Campaign Automation – For an ample amount of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

Using AutoFacets’ 3rd Generation Kiosks, some of the best automotive brands have brought in transparency to their client relationships. Here are some of the ways in which they can benefit you:

Elevate the Car buying Journey of your Customers

AutoFacets’ third-generation kiosks have played a significant role in transforming the renting and leasing journey of customers. With the help of these kiosks, it is possible for the users to register themselves by scanning license, choose services, make an inquiry, and pick up/drop off their car keys. The sales executives can track potential leads, demonstrate car features, and manage their end-to-end sales cycle by strengthening customer relationships.

Connect with Customers

Now your customers can get all the information they want and interact easily with your sales executives through our interactive, information wizard-based solicitation. They can make a general inquiry, get information about your dealership, know about the car drop off/pick up facility, etc. You can also integrate chatbots that work on AI technology and respond to your questions proactively.

Boost Upselling Opportunities

As an automotive dealer, you would want to go beyond the conventional selling boost sales with cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Our kiosks provide service recommendations to your customers and promote new services available at your center. You can generate weather-specific alerts like “Winter is here. Are you planning to change your tires?” or “It has been raining. Do you want to get your wipers checked?” with the options Yes or No. Here’s what you can do:

  • Bring customer satisfaction with lower churn and better profit margins
  • Offer proactive and personalized customer service
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Curb costs through a single source integrated service

Experience Digital Transformation in Automotive Technologies through AutoFacets

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