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180K Service Appointments for 300 Garages.

Customers expect a seamless aftermarket service experience including service accessibility, execution and communication. Garages are turning into Connected garages which are equipped to manage both customer and vehicle lifecycle.

AutoFacets helps garages to focus on core values of customer service – that translates to right scheduling, part planning, job card management, lower running cost, timely delivery, relationship management and much more, with a right mix of solution & services to support the processes.Connect with us

  • Scheduling / Job Planning
  • Parts or Stock Planning
  • Resource and Tools Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Marketing promotions & Loyalty

We resolve your business challenges,


  • Our Focus

    • Connected Workshop Experience
    • Vehicle Health Check & History
    • Total Cost of Ownership
    • Subscription Services
    • Seamless Communication & Customer Service
    • Customer Contact Center
  • Our Solutions

    • Digital Work Order
    • Tech Knowledge Board
    • Service Intelligence Dashboard
    • Workshop Capacity Planning
    • Customer Service Portal
    • Telematics – Predictive & Recommendation

Customers Speak

Co-creation starts at the end. Strange but the difference is to get an IT solution partner, it starts at the point where you want to end. We have a very good experience with AutoFacets in developing our software components in a co-creation way of working.


Dutch Tyre Specialist Company


  • Online revenue is almost doubled Year on Year since last 3 years.
  • 5000+ Garages affiliated through the platforms.
  • Daily turnover of approximately 2 Million orders, just in Netherlands.
  • 40% increase in the productivity through process efficiency.
  • Easy time to market for other countries (BE, FR, UK) – almost 70% faster.
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